Importance Of Complementation In Landscape Design


With landscape design and construction, you will need to consider some design ideas to help create the best looking yard. Some basic landscape design concepts include unity (balance), proportion, transition, and contrast. 


Proportion refers to how everything balances with each other, such as a fence and a house. Transition refers to how things smoothly flow from one area to another, such as an area near the house decorated with a landscape design element, then a fence, then a house, then a pool.

Landscape Design

To create a meaningful landscape design, you should pay attention to the proportion of the landscape. Proportion refers to the art of seeing the elements in a landscape design in an aesthetically pleasing way. It involves determining which elements should be most prominent and using colour and texture to make these elements appear integrated. Unity refers to a sense of uniformity in the landscape design or one that has no distinct areas or features that are different from each other.

Proportion is an important element of good design because it provides a visually pleasing landscape. According to Desired Landscapes, the proportion of elements in your design should be such that it makes the landscape come together as a whole. Elements of size, shape, texture, and colour are common elements of a well-balanced design and can help your design to come together as one complete unit.


Another fundamental landscape design concept is that of an enclosure. An enclosure can be a simple box, such as a greenhouse, or a series of walls and a roof. The purpose of the enclosure is to define an area, much like a fence, that can be used for several different purposes. For example, an enclosure might serve as a small deck for a garden, a container gardening area, or an entrance to a backyard.

The idea of creating a significant enclosure in your landscape is to make it appear as though it is narrowing and confined. The purpose of a fence is to provide a border or wall to a garden or to prevent access to an area. Fences can be made from wood, concrete, brick, and stone, and can be designed with a basic straight line or more intricate curves and designs. 

Landscape Design

If you are looking for a fence that will compliment your garden, metal, vinyl, or PVC materials are common choices. Stones, wrought iron, concrete, or wood are also common options for creating a significant enclosure in your landscape design.


The purpose of planting in a landscape design is to create open spaces that stimulate activity. Plants serve as a way of enhancing the open spaces in your landscape design by adding shade or protection to specific areas. Different kinds of plants can be planted in various areas, depending on how much of the landscape is open and what you hope to achieve with the planting. 

If you have created a larger space that you want to fill, you can plant larger plants and shrubs in certain areas, such as along a walkway or a trellis. If you have created an area where privacy is desirable, you can plant small plants or shrubs that will frame the area.

When it comes to making your landscape design come together as one complete unit, remember that the overall design does not need to be perfect. Although fine lines and subtle angles are common when trying to create a visual flow or a natural feeling, these elements do not need to be overpowering. A landscape with elements that are too busy will become hard to see as one unit and will not create a visually pleasing landscape design.…

Lawn Care Tips For Ensuring the Best Look of Your Lawn

lawn care tips

There are many key points that you have to remember when preparing your spring lawn care routine. Let’s admit it; a lush and healthy lawn is the dream of every homeowner. It not only enhances the overall look and value of your house but also offers a serene place for you and your family to enjoy.

Lawn Care Tips

But maintaining a lawn isn’t just an easy task. It involves a lot of different tasks like proper mowing of the lawn, weed control, fertilizing and watering the lawn. And with all these tasks come several important lawn maintenance projects that you have to accomplish. So, if you want to ensure that your lawn remains in pristine condition for several years, then here are some important lawn care tips you can consider doing.

One of the lawn care tips that you must keep in mind is to determine which lawn care project you should be doing during each season of the year. For instance, you may consider doing some maintenance in the fall and winter before summer and spring. If you want to effectively manage the spread of weeds in your lawn, it is advisable to do some weed control in the summer, winter and spring. Fertilizing is another project that must be done in the fall and spring, especially if you want to achieve healthy soil.

Another lawn maintenance tip that you must know is how often to mow your lawn. Mowing the lawn regularly helps in retaining the grass moisture, preventing the formation of thatch. The thatch forms as a result of excess moisture and warmth after the water has evaporated from the soil. If you want to maintain a greener lawn, it is advised to mow it once every third mowing. You can also increase the frequency of lawn mowing by using a robotic mower that lets you cut the grass with minimal effort.

lawn care tips

Sprinkler Systems

Choosing the right lawn sprinkler system is also one lawn care tip that is necessary to ensure a healthy lawn. A lawn sprinkler system is usually installed at a point that is higher than the grass soil type. It is placed in such a way that it is visible to all of the people on your property. This lawn sprinkler system is designed to supply water when the need arises. Therefore, you have to be aware of the best time to start installing this lawn irrigation system.

Before the spring, you must check the lawn for any existing dead or decaying grassroots. These dead grass roots contain essential nutrients that help in promoting the growth of the new grass seed. You can solve this problem by applying lawn fertilizer. However, lawn fertilizers should be applied at least two weeks before the first frost falls.

In the summer season, many gardeners find it difficult to remove weeds because weeds tend to grow very fast during the hot summer days. To avoid weeds from growing excessively, you should implement a pre-emergent herbicide treatment. Pre-emergent herbicide is generally applied four to six weeks before the start of the summer season to control weeds as well as reduce the growing height of weeds during the summer season.

One of the best lawn care tips is to mow lawns only at 45 degrees. The angle at which you mow lawns depends on your lawn type and the prevailing weather conditions. When you mow lawns at an angle, the grass blades are forced to develop a deeper root system and this leads to better growth and healthy conditions of lawns.…

Design Ideas For Swimming Pools

swimming pool design

With a little planning and creative thinking, you can design an appealing swimming pool for a small yard. To make swimming pool design ideas for small yards more exciting, explore your design options online or consult a swimming pool contractor. When you start designing swimming pool designs for small yards, you’ll find many swimming pool design ideas that will create a swimming pool that’s unique to your property.

Popular Designs

A swimming pool design idea that works well for one property may not work as well as another property. Consult with a professional swimming pool design company to see what types of swimming pool design ideas might be appropriate for your property. Fibreglass swimming pools are very popular, durable options, while hard plastic models typically last several years. To spruce up bland concrete or fibreglass swimming pool units, try adding an interesting concrete water feature or a colourful mosaic tile edge.

For small pools, many swimming pool design ideas revolve around exercise areas or daycare areas. One fun idea is to build a lap pool – turn it into a miniature version of a swimming pool by adding a second pool into the same unit. This makes a great family swimming pool for toddlers and can provide exercise for older children. Larger swimming pools can be designed with extra amenities such as a child’s swimming pool and a swimming pool for the entire family.

There are several swimming pool design ideas that include outdoor furniture for your home. For example, you might build an outdoor kitchen and entertain guests or even design swimming pool enclosures with indoor kitchen facilities. If you’re building a small pool at home, consider designing the enclosure with a brick grout finish that’s weatherproof and easy to clean – you can even add a brick surround for additional insulation.

swimming pool design

Small swimming pool ideas include solar heating systems. You can install solar panels on the exterior of your pool to generate electricity or you can use a solar water heater. If you want something more customized, you can always have a swimming pool created out of a modular steel structure. These structures come in many sizes, but they are usually only suitable for small residential places.

Unique Ideas

For larger swimming pools, swimming pool design ideas are more elaborate. For example, you can choose from various structural designs, such as liners, concrete, and vinyl. Liners prevent debris from entering the pool. For larger swimming pools, concrete and vinyl liners are usually preferred. Vinyl liners resemble the look of real liners, but they’re much less expensive and very durable. You can also use this type of liner in smaller swimming pools that don’t have a deep end.

Another swimming pool design idea is to use an above-ground swimming pool. You can either choose to have a vertical swimming pool or an Above Ground Swimming Pool (AGP). With an above-ground swimming pool, you can enjoy the benefits of swimming while not being confined to a poolside. These swimming pools are usually designed for indoor swimming and they are usually placed outside. Because they are placed outside, they can be enjoyed by children and grandchildren without worrying about safety hazards.

These swimming pool design ideas should give you some inspiration, but you’ll probably still have a lot of questions. Keep in mind that no swimming pool design is right or wrong, just what will work best for you and your family. Also, it’s a good idea to consult with a swimming pool builder if you have any doubts. A good swimming pool builder can help you choose the best swimming pool design for your swimming pool and make your swimming pool experience fun and exciting.…

5 Different Swimming Pool Water Features to Consider

swimming pool water features

If you’re looking for swimming pool water features ideas, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot to consider when choosing swimming pool water features, and I’ll try to make this as easy as possible for you.

Most swimming pools will fall into one of these categories. Above ground swimming pools (also called above ground pools) usually use a liner-based drainage system to bring water in from the earth. Ground swimming pools can be made from concrete or any other smooth, non-porous material. The liner drains into a large container, such as a skimmer basket. Water then flows through a pump and out into your swimming pool.

Inground swimming pools (also known as inground pools) are designed to be self-cleaning. The water is pumped into the pool via a drain line, so there’s no need to manually drain it. Most modern water features have a pump that feeds wastewater back into the pond. Some modern water features double as fish bowls, making them great family vacations.

Water Feature Ideas

Now, let’s talk about some interesting and unique water feature ideas. A fish pond is a beautiful addition to any yard. It is a natural wonder that will captivate families for years. The most popular type of fish pond is a tropical fish pond, filled with fish, turtles, and other exotic pets. Other popular fish pond designs include an open water play area, complete with a small boat, driftwood diving boards, or a lush water garden.

If you like the sound of running water but don’t want to have to deal with the work necessary to keep it in shape, you should look into solar-powered, environmentally safe fountains. These water features run on solar power and are very quiet. They are also a cool accent to the landscaping around your pool.

Another cool swimming pool water feature is a rock wall. Wall-mounted rock gardens are perfect for backyards that are full of character. There are endless styles and designs available in all shapes and sizes. Most rock wall water features are built using rustic, natural materials. They are very affordable and very easy to maintain. They offer a cool, relaxing atmosphere that is just the right temperature for swimming.

swimming pool water features

If you prefer to have your swimming pool water features are somewhat quiet while you’re swimming, you might consider purchasing a solar-powered deck heater. These heaters come equipped with several different options including gentle or speed settings. Solar deck heaters are great for those who want to make their swimming pool a little cooler while also enjoying a little quiet time by the pool.

Cool Designs

Some people may enjoy having their swimming pool water features designed to look like a natural oasis. For these individuals, the Hanging Garden Water Feature is one option to consider. It is perfect for backyards that are not only beautiful but offer privacy as well. This swimming pool water feature features a hanging water fountain in the middle of a three-tiered gardening design. This garden water feature is designed to hang slightly over the edge of the water and is designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

If you have a private swimming pool at home, one thing you may also want to consider is installing an indoor swimming pool heating system. Many swimming pool heating systems include a thermostat that will control the flow of water inside the swimming pool. You’ll want to install this type of system near the swimming pool so you can monitor the temperature of the water. The outdoor heating systems typically operate on a 12-volt current. Installing a swimming pool heating system in your indoor swimming pool may be more costly than an outdoor option, but you will get many additional features that may make your swimming pool experience more enjoyable.

Other swimming pool water features to consider are solar lights and splash pads. With solar lights, you can provide natural light for when you swim. Splash pads can provide a soft, safe, and relaxing surface for you and your family to enjoy while swimming. These swimming pool water features can come in various sizes and designs. Some feature wave features that are fun for children. Others may even have an LCD screen that shows the current depth and water temperature of the swimming pool.

Regardless of what swimming pool water features you choose, you will find that swimming pool water features add a lot to the enjoyment you have when swimming in your swimming pool. Swimming in your swimming pool provides you with hours of fun and relaxation. Don’t make your swimming pool experience one you have to pass up. Make your swimming pool experience one you will always hold dear by adding certain swimming pool water features.…

Vegetable Garden – Important Gardening Tips

vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens are a good way to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables in your backyard at a reasonable cost. It is also good exercise. There is very little work involved. And it allows you more time for the things you enjoy most – family, friends and the good old garden.

Design Ideas

A popular vegetable garden design idea for home vegetable gardeners is to plant vegetables using trellises. Trellis Gardening is a method of growing vegetables that involves creating a trellis-like structure from strong vertical posts placed in strategic positions. The main plants are planted on the bottom level and the trellis is raised on the higher levels. This type of design allows for the full growth of the main plant canopy in the direction of the wind.

Other vegetable garden features can be built in later. For instance, raised beds may be planted in areas where water is readily available but not adequate for vegetable garden plants. Beds are good because they can be filled with various types of soil types. Also, it is good to plant vegetables that can tolerate varying temperatures. For instance, a vegetable garden planted in an area with temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit is better off being planted next to a shade-tolerant tree.

Another vegetable garden design idea is to plant a vegetable garden that produces a year’s supply of food. This is called a self-sustaining system. For instance, lettuce and beans do not need to be harvested before the end of the growing season. Instead, the harvest can be stored for use throughout the year. The harvesting of the crop is simply done to remove it from the plant. As such, there is no need to irrigate the soil.

Planting a Vegetable Garden

In other cases, planting a vegetable garden may start small. For instance, many gardeners choose to plant tomatoes in containers so that they can start with smaller plots. Also, planting tomatoes in containers provides tomatoes with the room needed to grow their root system. With this method, it is easier to control the growth of the plants because they can be moved around easier.

vegetable garden

Many vegetable garden layout ideas are also based on the ability of the plants to adapt to the location. For instance, planting onions near a building or in a row allows the product to have room to spread across the yard. However, some vegetable garden layouts are not set up so that the product can get as much sun as possible. If the vegetable garden layout includes this type of setup, then the product will be under constant shade.

Raised Beds

Another way that vegetable gardens can be started small is by using raised beds. Raised beds make efficient use of space by allowing plants to be planted closer together. For instance, they can be planted close to one another for a vegetable garden layout with narrow spaces. Also, raised beds to make it easy to weed and make sure that nothing is weeds, and/or growing out of place.

Vegetable gardens are a great way to enjoy fresh food all year long. They can be created in the backyard, on a patio or even on your front porch. Also, they are easy to take care of, require little space to maintain and create an awesome look in your yard. As you can see, creating a vegetable garden layout that works for you can be easy and tasty.

Final Tips

First, decide on what you want to grow. You can plant vegetables that are hardy and can withstand some of the most extreme conditions. However, if you are not experienced at gardening, you might want to choose plants that require less attention to flourish. Next, figure out your growing area. This will help you determine what types of plants will work best for your particular growing area.

During your planting and gardening season, it is very important to follow all of the rules and regulations set forth by your local government regarding height, spacing, soil, harvesting and fertilizing. Be sure to research and learn the requirements that are needed to harvest your crops. Also, plan for planting by buying and planting enough seeds to harvest throughout the growing season. Make sure to plant your seeds at least eight to ten weeks before you expect the first harvest. If you are planting late-season plants, wait until after the last frosts have dissipated and the plants have flowered to germinate.

Vegetable garden plans allow you to plan your garden so that it grows organically without using any chemicals. You can also make vegetable garden plans as small as a pocket garden or as big as several acres of land. The best vegetable garden plans concentrate on building the soil, getting the correct amount of sunlight, and providing the right …

Three Basic Small Yard Design Ideas For Your Small Backyard

small yard design

Many people struggle with small yard design ideas. They try to cram as much stuff in their small yard as possible. This is a big mistake because it makes the small yard design look cluttered. And believe it or not, clutter makes a small yard design look small. So how do you avoid this?

Easy Tips

Before anything else, make sure your small yard has straight lines and a simple design. It doesn’t have to be complicated or have all kinds of decorations. One of the best small yard design ideas is to have straight lines and a basic design on the outside. This will give the outside of your home more personality and it will catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Don’t stress about making it perfect. A small design can still have a lot of character if it’s not cluttered. It should just be clean and simple. This will give the inside of your house character as well.


Some great small design ideas for the inside of your house flowers. They add a lot of colour and life to a small space. You can put a small arrangement of flowers on a small shelf or the table in your living room. If you’re lucky, you might even find a few miniature roses or tulips. The point is that they don’t have to be too busy to look beautiful.

Another small design idea for small front yard design ideas is a grouping of small rocks. There are plenty of small rocks out there that can be used to group. You can use small pebbles or large ones depending on how you want your small front yard to look. This is a great way to give character to your garden without overdoing it.

One other idea for a small front yard design is to plant some flowers. There are plenty of small flower gardens, you can buy or make. This would be a good time to start planting small flowers. Flowers are perfect small yard design ideas because small plants can be displayed without taking up much room. Of course, if you have a small yard, you can always spread small plants around to fill the space. Just remember to keep them relatively close to each other so they won’t be a problem when it comes to walking around your small front yard.

small yard design

Water Features and Decorations

Other small design ideas for small front yard designs include small fountains. They can be placed near a patio or deck area. These small fountains usually just have a small pump to make them run. You can find these in any department store along with small pots of flowers or herbs to put in them.

If you want a great look for small front yard designs, you might consider building an art bench. You can usually find small benches at local craft stores and sometimes even at the home improvement stores. Building one of these benches allows you to have a small area to sit down and have a small piece of art to look at as you enjoy your small front yard.

Another small front yard idea is a small pond. A small pond with some rocks works well. You can build it using small stones or pebbles that match the landscaping around the small pond. This creates a small haven for your koi fish or water features and other small critters.


And of course, one of the most popular small front yard design ideas today is a small gazebo. Gazebos are very popular nowadays because of the small space they need to contain their owners. However, you should always keep in mind that a small gazebo needs to be maintained. That means putting small birdhouses inside of them and picking up small twigs and leaves to help keep the small gazebo clean and green. You also need to occasionally clean out the birdhouses and use small flower boxes or small birdbath to give your koi a small place to live.

Small backyards, on the other hand, are usually very busy. For that reason, you will have less room to do small yard design projects. A small backyard can be made into a basketball court if you are the know-how. But if you don’t want to do that, a small backyard can be used to grow small trees and plant small flowers. These small plants will make your small yard look more natural. A small pond also works well for small backyards.

So there you have it. All three basic small yard design ideas will help you with small yard design projects. Don’t be afraid to take these small yard design ideas and use them to create your small yard. You will find that you have a lot more …

Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Lounge Area

outdoor lounge area design

You are lucky enough to live in a modern time where outdoor lounge area design ideas are abundant. There are so many options out there. With your keen eye, you can pick up many designs that will make your outdoor lounge area one of the most attractive places to hang out. Your outdoor lounge area design ideas should incorporate several key elements such as seating, lighting, accessories, plants, and pathways. Once you have put all of these pieces together, you will have the perfect outdoor lounge area design.

Design Ideas

One of the best outdoor lounge area design ideas is to make use of a large outdoor lounge area deck that extends out to the patio. It doesn’t matter how you come up with a design for your outdoor lounge area. The deck should be inviting and cozy. Just be careful not to overextend yourself with the deck. You don’t want to end up getting too big for the outdoor lounge area.

The outdoor lounge area in your home is a great place for a romantic evening after you have done all of your relaxing activities. You can stretch out on the outdoor lounge area and enjoy the outdoor living area. When planning your outdoor lounge area design, don’t forget to include some shady spots. You want to be able to enjoy the outdoor lounge area without having to deal with the sun. You don’t want to sit outside all day in the bright sunshine. You can also place outdoor lounge area lights in the various areas.

Another outdoor lounge area idea you can do is create outdoor bistros. With the addition of picnic tables and chairs, you have turned what was once just a backyard into a private outdoor dining area. It’s another great way to expand your outdoor living space. If you want to create a more formal outdoor lounge area, you can have formal dining sets put in the outdoor lounge area.

Another outdoor lounge area idea that doesn’t require much construction is by placing a fire pit in the outdoor lounge area. You can have the pit built so it’s outside but still has a built-in heater to keep it warm during the colder months. You can do whatever you want with the outdoor lounge area and fire pit.

outdoor lounge area design

Safety Tips

Now that we have covered some of the outdoor lounge area design ideas, it’s time to talk about some safety tips. You want to make sure you are careful where you are sitting in chairs or on outdoor lounge area furniture. When you sit on outdoor lounge area furniture, your back must be against the chair. When sitting, you should lean back so your entire body is in a straight line. When walking through grass or on dirt surfaces, it’s important to always walk with a companion or at least a cell phone in hand so you can let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

A fire extinguisher should be placed in a convenient place outside of your outdoor lounge area. If a fire gets out of control, you’ll want to have someone quickly on your phone and/or hold your phone to distract the fire. In the event of a fire, you want to minimize the smoke so as not to spread it to other areas. Also, always wear earplugs for added protection.

Other outdoor lounge area design ideas include using a chalkboard for outdoor conversation and games like Scrabble or Monopoly. Another outdoor lounge area idea that doesn’t involve furniture is using folding chairs and blankets in a park or playground. Folding outdoor lounge area items provide an easy place to sit and rest while children play in the park.…