5 Different Swimming Pool Water Features to Consider

swimming pool water features

If you’re looking for swimming pool water features ideas, you’ve come to the right place. There is a lot to consider when choosing swimming pool water features, and I’ll try to make this as easy as possible for you.

Most swimming pools will fall into one of these categories. Above ground swimming pools (also called above ground pools) usually use a liner-based drainage system to bring water in from the earth. Ground swimming pools can be made from concrete or any other smooth, non-porous material. The liner drains into a large container, such as a skimmer basket. Water then flows through a pump and out into your swimming pool.

Inground swimming pools (also known as inground pools) are designed to be self-cleaning. The water is pumped into the pool via a drain line, so there’s no need to manually drain it. Most modern water features have a pump that feeds wastewater back into the pond. Some modern water features double as fish bowls, making them great family vacations.

Water Feature Ideas

Now, let’s talk about some interesting and unique water feature ideas. A fish pond is a beautiful addition to any yard. It is a natural wonder that will captivate families for years. The most popular type of fish pond is a tropical fish pond, filled with fish, turtles, and other exotic pets. Other popular fish pond designs include an open water play area, complete with a small boat, driftwood diving boards, or a lush water garden.

If you like the sound of running water but don’t want to have to deal with the work necessary to keep it in shape, you should look into solar-powered, environmentally safe fountains. These water features run on solar power and are very quiet. They are also a cool accent to the landscaping around your pool.

Another cool swimming pool water feature is a rock wall. Wall-mounted rock gardens are perfect for backyards that are full of character. There are endless styles and designs available in all shapes and sizes. Most rock wall water features are built using rustic, natural materials. They are very affordable and very easy to maintain. They offer a cool, relaxing atmosphere that is just the right temperature for swimming.

swimming pool water features

If you prefer to have your swimming pool water features are somewhat quiet while you’re swimming, you might consider purchasing a solar-powered deck heater. These heaters come equipped with several different options including gentle or speed settings. Solar deck heaters are great for those who want to make their swimming pool a little cooler while also enjoying a little quiet time by the pool.

Cool Designs

Some people may enjoy having their swimming pool water features designed to look like a natural oasis. For these individuals, the Hanging Garden Water Feature is one option to consider. It is perfect for backyards that are not only beautiful but offer privacy as well. This swimming pool water feature features a hanging water fountain in the middle of a three-tiered gardening design. This garden water feature is designed to hang slightly over the edge of the water and is designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

If you have a private swimming pool at home, one thing you may also want to consider is installing an indoor swimming pool heating system. Many swimming pool heating systems include a thermostat that will control the flow of water inside the swimming pool. You’ll want to install this type of system near the swimming pool so you can monitor the temperature of the water. The outdoor heating systems typically operate on a 12-volt current. Installing a swimming pool heating system in your indoor swimming pool may be more costly than an outdoor option, but you will get many additional features that may make your swimming pool experience more enjoyable.

Other swimming pool water features to consider are solar lights and splash pads. With solar lights, you can provide natural light for when you swim. Splash pads can provide a soft, safe, and relaxing surface for you and your family to enjoy while swimming. These swimming pool water features can come in various sizes and designs. Some feature wave features that are fun for children. Others may even have an LCD screen that shows the current depth and water temperature of the swimming pool.

Regardless of what swimming pool water features you choose, you will find that swimming pool water features add a lot to the enjoyment you have when swimming in your swimming pool. Swimming in your swimming pool provides you with hours of fun and relaxation. Don’t make your swimming pool experience one you have to pass up. Make your swimming pool experience one you will always hold dear by adding certain swimming pool water features.

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