Lawn Care Tips For Ensuring the Best Look of Your Lawn

lawn care tips

There are many key points that you have to remember when preparing your spring lawn care routine. Let’s admit it; a lush and healthy lawn is the dream of every homeowner. It not only enhances the overall look and value of your house but also offers a serene place for you and your family to enjoy.

Lawn Care Tips

But maintaining a lawn isn’t just an easy task. It involves a lot of different tasks like proper mowing of the lawn, weed control, fertilizing and watering the lawn. And with all these tasks come several important lawn maintenance projects that you have to accomplish. So, if you want to ensure that your lawn remains in pristine condition for several years, then here are some important lawn care tips you can consider doing.

One of the lawn care tips that you must keep in mind is to determine which lawn care project you should be doing during each season of the year. For instance, you may consider doing some maintenance in the fall and winter before summer and spring. If you want to effectively manage the spread of weeds in your lawn, it is advisable to do some weed control in the summer, winter and spring. Fertilizing is another project that must be done in the fall and spring, especially if you want to achieve healthy soil.

Another lawn maintenance tip that you must know is how often to mow your lawn. Mowing the lawn regularly helps in retaining the grass moisture, preventing the formation of thatch. The thatch forms as a result of excess moisture and warmth after the water has evaporated from the soil. If you want to maintain a greener lawn, it is advised to mow it once every third mowing. You can also increase the frequency of lawn mowing by using a robotic mower that lets you cut the grass with minimal effort.

lawn care tips

Sprinkler Systems

Choosing the right lawn sprinkler system is also one lawn care tip that is necessary to ensure a healthy lawn. A lawn sprinkler system is usually installed at a point that is higher than the grass soil type. It is placed in such a way that it is visible to all of the people on your property. This lawn sprinkler system is designed to supply water when the need arises. Therefore, you have to be aware of the best time to start installing this lawn irrigation system.

Before the spring, you must check the lawn for any existing dead or decaying grassroots. These dead grass roots contain essential nutrients that help in promoting the growth of the new grass seed. You can solve this problem by applying lawn fertilizer. However, lawn fertilizers should be applied at least two weeks before the first frost falls.

In the summer season, many gardeners find it difficult to remove weeds because weeds tend to grow very fast during the hot summer days. To avoid weeds from growing excessively, you should implement a pre-emergent herbicide treatment. Pre-emergent herbicide is generally applied four to six weeks before the start of the summer season to control weeds as well as reduce the growing height of weeds during the summer season.

One of the best lawn care tips is to mow lawns only at 45 degrees. The angle at which you mow lawns depends on your lawn type and the prevailing weather conditions. When you mow lawns at an angle, the grass blades are forced to develop a deeper root system and this leads to better growth and healthy conditions of lawns.

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